Introduction to Statistics

OK, now that we have a better understanding of our processes... it's time to learn how to truly understand the data we're presented with. So, in the next 5 videos we're going to introduce you to Minitab as well as introduce you to what this thing called "Statistics" is all about.

Introduction to Statistics

In this video we begin our journey with statistics by learning the difference between data and statistics while also learning the two types of statistics we'll focus on throughout the rest of the course.


Data Types

Ron Pereira explores different data types including attributes and variables data. He also explains the difference between Sample Statistics and Population Parameters.

Sigma XL Overview

Ron Pereira offers an overview of SigmaXL including how to navigate through the different menus and how to best leverage SigmaXL\'s amazing Help menu.


Minitab 19 Overview
Entering Data into Minitab 19
Minitab 18 Overview
Entering Data into Minitab 18
Minitab 17 Overview
Entering Data into Minitab 17
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