Process Mapping & Selected Tools

The ability to understand how material and processes flow, while also identifying the "inputs" or "Xs" to a process, is at the heart of the DMAIC methodology. So, in this section we'll learn about different types of process maps while also learning how to take the information learned from process mapping into additional tools like the C&E Matrix and FMEA in order to narrow the lists of inputs down to the "critical few." To be sure, many problems can solved during this phase of a project so it's really time to dig in!


Creating SIPOC Diagrams

Learn how to create SIPOC diagrams as well as how to use them to better define your Six Sigma projects.

Creating Process Maps

In this video you will learn how to create different types of process maps including detailed process maps and functional process maps, sometimes called Swim Lane Process Maps.


Creating a Cause & Effect Matrix

In this video you'll learn how to use the Cause & Effect Matrix, sometimes called the XY Matrix, to help narrow down a large number of inputs discovered during the process mapping step.

Performing an FMEA (Part 1)

In this video you'll learn what the FMEA, which stands for Failure Modes Effects Analysis, is and how to use it in collaboration with tools like the C&E Matrix.

Performing an FMEA (Part 2)

In this video you'll see how to actually create an FMEA by watching over Ron Pereira's shoulders (virtually speaking) as his computer screen is recorded during the creation of an FMEA.

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