In this course focused on introducing the powerful topic of kanban, Ron Pereira explains what kanban are and how to implement some of the most popular kanban systems into a production environment. You'll also receive access to kanban calculators that make the sometimes intimidating math involved simple and easy to handle. Finally, Ron will explain what needs to be in place to ensure kanban success as well as the 6 rules to follow to ensure your kanban system not only survives, but thrives over time.
2 Card Kanban System
2 Card Kanban Calculations
Kanban in Batch Production
While our goal as Lean Practitioners is to flow material one piece at a time there may be situations where you must produce some products in a batch. The good news is this sort of system can still be kept under control using a Signal Kanban system. In this module you will learn how this works through another simulation where you will watch a Signal Kanban system in action.
Calculating Signal Kanban Quantities
6 Kanban Prerequisites
6 Golden Rules of Kanban
To wrap things up you'll learn what are called the 6 Golden Rules of Kanban. If you follow these rules your chances of Kanban success will radically improve.
One Piece Flow Simulation
Demonstrate one piece flow with an envelope stuffing exercise.
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