Jean Cunningham on Lean Accounting
Gemba Academy co-founder Kevin Meyer discusses lean accounting with Jean Cunningham. Jean is one of the original thought leaders on the subject.

Jean Cunningham describes how she was introduced to lean and lean accounting.

Additional resource:

Effect on Owners
Jean Cunningham discusses how lean and lean accounting affects an ownership group.
The Lean Accounting Difference
Jean Cunningham discusses the differences between standard cost accounting and lean accounting.
Implementing Lean Accounting
Jean Cunningham discusses when and how to implement lean accounting.
Resistance to Lean Accounting
Jean Cunningham discusses how to deal with resistance to lean accounting.
Current Projects
Jean Cunningham discusses her current projects with lean accounting and beyond.
Lean Education Advancement Foundation
Jean Cunningham discusses the Lean Education Advancement Foundation, which provides scholarships to educators and students to learn more about lean and lean accounting.
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