Hoshin Planning Course
Learn how to create a vision, mission, and then a hoshin plan of long-term, breakthrough, and annual objectives. Learn about catchball and the vital process of reflection to create organizational learning.
In this video Ron Pereira introduces the concept of Hoshin Planning, sometimes referred to as Hoshin Kanri or Policy Deployment.
The Mission Statement
Learn how to go about creating a mission statement in this video.
Values & Metrics
Prior to creating a Vision Statement we must reflect on the current state of affairs by examining the company values and metrics.
The Vision
Learn how to create a Vision Statement that inspires and motivates all associates.
Treetop Vision, Values, & Mission
See how Treetop Incorporated, the birdhouse producer we first met in the Transforming your Value Streams course, went about creating their own company Mission, Values, and Vision.
Breakthrough Objectives
Learn what Breakthrough Objectives are and how to create them using tools like the Relations Diagram.
Annual Objectives
Learn how to use the A3 template to set annual objectives and monitor progress.
Once objectives are set learn how to deploy them throughout the organization by the catchball process. This isn't your typical objective setting process.
Hoshin Review
Learn how to monitor the progress of Hoshin initiatives as well as how to use the Countermeasure Report effectively during review meetings.
Problem Solving
In order to succeed at Hoshin Planning all associates but be familiar with the 8 Practical Problem Solving steps. All 8 are explained in this module.
Reflection & Organizational Learning
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