Just in Time
Gemba Academy is proud to present this "Just in Time" video series which was originally produced by our consulting partners at the Kaizen Institute. The main topic of this video series is Kaizen and Just in Time which was the original phrase used to describe what we now call Lean Manufacturing. Throughout this series you'll see many examples of lean principles in action at companies such as Wiremold and Giorgio Foods. You'll also receive an excellent review of topics such as One Piece Flow, Takt Time, U shaped cells, Production Leveling, Kanban, 5S, the Visual Workplace, and Standard Work.
Ron Pereira introduces this video series.
JIT Pays - Part 1
In this first video you'll learn what Kaizen and Just in Time (Lean Thinking) is all about. You'll also hear Art Byrne, one of the original lean thinking pioneers of our time, explain how JIT was positively impacting Wiremold.
JIT Pays - Part 2
Learn how Just in Time can drastically reduce leadtimes. You'll also hear the story of the Japanese company Yasda Precision Tools K.K. and how they leveraged JIT in order to not have to lay off employees when faced with decreased demand. You'll also meet the good folks at Giorgio Foods as they explain the benefits of Kaizen to their world class organization.
JIT Pays - Part 3
You'll see and hear from Japanese company Matsushita Electric Works, LTD in this video. You'll also see a superb example of U shaped cells in action.
JIT in Action - Part 1
In this video we learn the difference between value and waste, referred to as muda in the Japanese language. You'll also see some superb real life examples of the 7 wastes in action.
JIT in Action - Part 2
We continue to see examples of waste in action while also seeing how JIT and Lean principles can effectively eliminate waste resulting in a dramatic productivity increase.
JIT Technologies - Part 1
In this first video the JIT Technologies topic we learn about the difference between Push and Pull production. We also have a thorough explanation of what Takt time is and how it is used to support one piece flow.
JIT Technologies - Part 2
An explanation of how Skill display boards work is offered. We also learn more aboutU shaped cells including how Giorgio Foods converted a mushroom canning process from a traditional straight line to a U shaped cell. An overview on Production Leveling (Heijunka) is also provided.
JIT Technologies - Part 3
A discussion on Setup Kaizen or Quick Changeover is provided in this video including explanations of the difference between internal and external setups.
JIT Technologies - Part 4
Without Standards there can be no Kaizen. As such we learn what Standard Work is and why it's so important to Lean Production.
JIT Technologies - Part 5
You will learn how kanban supports JIT and Lean Production while also seeing kanban in action inside an actual factory.
JIT Technologies - Part 6
You will learn how 5S and a Visual Workplace are at the foundation of Kaizen. You’ll also learn how to extend your Kaizen efforts across your entire organization.
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