Kaizen Leadership
In this series of videos the original Lean Guru, Mr. Masaaki Imai, discusses the topic of Kaizen Leadership.
Kaizen Leadership Part 1
Kaizen Leadership Part 2
Mr. Imai explains the difference between top management commitment and top management involvement. Mr. Imai also shares a new definition of kaizen that better encompasses the awesome potential the word carries with it.
Kaizen Leadership Part 3
What is management and what should leaders be most focused on? Mr. Imai answers this question in this module. Mr. Imai also explains what Detective Columbo has in common with lean thinking managers!
Kaizen Leadership Part 4
Mr. Imai explains how gemba, or the place the work is done, is like a mirror and why going to gemba is so important.
Kaizen Leadership Part 5
Mr. Imai explains why the gemba was so precious to Sakichi Toyoda and how Kiichiro Toyoda literally grew up at gemba as a child! Mr. Imai also explains the importance of Standard Work.
Kaizen Leadership Part 6
Mr. Imai explains how lean is a long journey as well as what the Christopher Columbus style of management is all about! Finally, Mr. Imai contrasts traditional companies with lean thinking companies using an analogy you won't soon forget!
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