Total Productive Maintenance
In this pre-recorded, live training seminar shot at the Peterbilt Manufacturing Training Center in Denton, TX, Mike Wroblewski, a senior lean consultant from Gemba Consulting and the Kaizen Institute explains why Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is not optional for lean thinking companies who rely on machines and equipment to satisfy customer demand. During this course Mikes explains what TPM is, and isn’t, while also covering important topics such as the 6 Big Losses and how to measure them using the extremely powerful Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metric.
Ron Pereira offers an overview of what TPM is while also explaining the "live" format of this TPM course.
Mike Wroblewski explains what TPM is while also sharing the benefits of a robust TPM program.
Are You Neglecting Your Equipment?
Mike explains what the lack of a TPM program can lead to by sharing real life examples of poortly maintained equipment.
6 Big Losses and OEE
Mike explains what the 6 Big Losses are and how to measure them using one of the most powerful lean metrics available - Overall Equipment Effectiveness - or OEE for short.
The 4 TPM Phases
Mike explains what the 4 TPM Phases are by walking through an actual example from a past TPM kaizen event.
Autonomous Maintenance
Learn how to actively engage operators in the maintenance process via a process called Autonomous Maintenance.
Planning, Spare Parts, and Training
 In the final video Mike discusses the TPM Planning process, spare parts programs, and training.
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