Lean Lingo Explained
Brad Schmidt, Managing Partner of Gemba Japan, explains the roots of several of the most popular lean terms. As you'll soon realize, Brad loves to talk, smile, and have fun. And the fact he speaks and writes Japanese definitely helps!
 Learn why kaizen actually means so much more than continuous improvement.
 Learn what a horse has to do with the definition of muda.
 Learn the historical roots of muri.
 What a great name for a company! Learn the roots of this popular lean term.
 Learn the real meaning of autonomation.
Hoshin Kanri
 Learn what a tube and logic have to do with Hoshin Kanri.
Poka Yoke
 Did you know this term was originally called Baka Yoke? You’ll know why after watching this video.
 Learn the roots of an extremely popular lean word and tool.
 Probably the most mispronounced lean term of all time! You’ll learn what heijunka is and how to say it in this video.
Toyota, Honda, and Mazda
 Learn what rice paddies have to do with some of the largest companies in the world.
Should We Use Japanese Terms?
 It's an age old, and often heated, debate. Learn Brad's take on this question in this video.
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