Dealing with the Seven Deadly Wastes

In this course, you will learn what the Seven Deadly Wastes are, what causes them, and what they can cost your organization. Through the 12 modules, you'll also learn how to combat each individual waste using tools like kanban and 5S. 

7 Wastes Overview

Learn what the seven wastes are and why they are so deadly to your organization.

Stand in the Circle

Popularized by Taiichi Ohno, learning to “stand in the circle” the right way is a must for all lean practitioners.

Waste of Defects

Learn what the waste of defect is, what causes it, and what lean tools are best suited to battle it.

Waste of Inventory

In these tough economic times, managing inventory is extremely important. Learn how to calculate cycle stock, buffer stock, and safety stock in this module.

Waste of Processing

The hardest waste to see and defeat. Learn what processing is and what you must do to eliminate it.

Waste of Waiting
Waste of Motion
Waste of Transportation
How to Draw a Spaghetti Diagram
Waste of Overproduction

The “mother of all wastes.” Learn exactly how to defeat the beast that is overproduction in this module.

The 8th Waste

The 8th waste: the waste of skills

Action Guide

Tips to immediately implement concepts from this course. 

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