The Kaizen Way
Translated the word kaizen means to "change for the better". In The Kaizen Way you’ll learn exactly what kaizen is and how it's helping organizations in industries such as manufacturing, office environments, and healthcare reduce costs and increase profits without resorting to massive layoffs. In fact, during The Kaizen Way you’ll hear how one company managed to increase net profits by close to 25% even though their sales were down by 25% the same year!
Kaizen Overview

Learn what kaizen is while also watching kaizen in action as we venture into the kitchen (no toast involved).

The Kaizen Event

Learn what the powerful kaizen event is as well as what the Gemba Academy 5 day recommended kaizen event roadmap is.

Kaizen Success Story

We take a break from our traditional teaching lessons in order to hear Federal Heath’s kaizen success story. Even with reduced 2009 revenues, Federal Heath actually increased profits in the 20%-25% range. Hear their story in this video.

Real Life Kaizen

We continue our discussion with Rick Foreman of Federal Heath as we hear of several specific kaizen improvements the Federal Heath team has recently implemented.

System vs. Point Kaizen

Learn the difference between system kaizen and point kaizen and why it’s so important they work together in harmony for long term success.

Kaizen Event Roles

In this module you’ll learn what the key kaizen event roles are as we prepare to learn how to prepare and execute a world class kaizen event.

Preparing for the Kaizen Event

Learn how to prepare for the kaizen event using the Gemba Academy kaizen event timeline checklist.

The Kaizen Event Week

Learn what to expect during the kaizen event week including what to do when facing negative attitudes early in the week.

Post Kaizen Event Activities

Learn the activities that should follow the actual kaizen event week.

Simple Kaizen Part 1

Mike Wroblewski, a senior Consultant for Gemba Consulting, explains the "Simple Kaizen" approach to suggestion systems. Mike explains, in great detail, how to move beyond the "suggestion box" while also explaining how one company has been able to generate and implement 4,998 employee suggestions in a single year.

Simple Kaizen Part 2

A continuation of the Simple Kaizen Part 1 module.

The Kaizen Coach

Mike Wroblewski offers advice on how a Kaizen Coach can get the most out of their kaizen team. With many years of practical experience as a Kaizen Coach, the advice Mike offers will add tremendous value no matter if you are new to Kaizen or an experienced practitioner.

D.L. Martin Kaizen Event Summary

Hear a detailed explanation of how D.L. Martin Co. executed an actual 5S and Layout kaizen event. During this module you’ll see how they train their employees, how they 5S an area, and how they actually piloted a one piece flow simulation in preparation for a follow-up kaizen event. Finally, during this video you’ll hear (and see) how they prepare and execute the kaizen event report out for senior management.

Action Guide

To wrap up this course, here's an Action Guide to provide you with some immediate ideas for how to put what you've just learned into practice.

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