Transforming Your Value Streams

In this course you and your entire organization will learn how to transform your value streams using lean tools and principles such as value stream mapping, takt time, kanban, error proofing, and heijunka/production leveling. During this course you will follow a fictitious bird house manufacturing company as they journey through the process of creating both current and future state value stream maps along with an action plan.

Value Stream Overview

Sheds some insight into what value stream mapping is as well as the steps to value stream mapping.

Product Family Selection

Learn how to use product routing (PR) and product quantity (PQ) analysis.

VSM Shapes & Icons
Calculating Takt Time

Learn exactly what takt time is and how to calculate it.

Current State Part 1

Creating current state value stream maps takes practice. Arm yourself with the knowledge needed to create your own!

Current State Part 2

Learn how Treetop Incorporated creates their own current state value stream map.

Continuous Flow

Learn how to make value flow one piece at a time.


Cycle Time & Takt Time

Learn how to balance cycle time and takt time in such a way as to flow in a continuous manner.

Downstream Pull

Learn the difference between push and pull. Also, learn what kanban are and how to use them.

Production Leveling

Before kanban can work we must level production. In this module you will earn what heijunka is.

The Future State - 1

Pull it all together in with the future state value stream map.

The Future State - 2

Watch how Treetop, Incorporated plans to transform from a traditional mass producer to a lean producer.

Value Stream Mapping Resources

Resources to support value stream mapping activities.

One Piece Flow Simulation
Transactional Detailed - 1
Transactional Detailed - 2
Transactional or Office VSM
Action Guide
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