Quick Changeover: The SMED System
Learn how to radically reduce machine changeovers using the SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) system while watching Ram Technologies work through an actual SMED kaizen event that results in a 66% reduction in changeover time! Please plan approximately 30 minutes of learning time for each module, including watching the video, taking the quiz, and reviewing supporting documents.
Quick Changeover Overview

Gemba Academy Co-Founder Ron Pereira introduces the concept of Quick Changeover, also known as SMED, and explains the many benefits of this valuable lean production tool.

The 8 Steps to Quick Changeover

Ron breaks down the 8 steps of Quick Changeover, and how to implement each one.

How To Use Quick Changeover in Non-Manufacturing Environments

Ron explains how to use Quick Changeover in non-manufacturing environments like hospitals, construction sites, and more.

The Changeover Before Improvements

Watch Dawn, from Ram Technologies, complete an actual changeover of a press. This changeover will serve as the "before improvement" video for the rest of the course.

Step 1 - Document Reality

Ron shares some of the ways you can go about documenting reality, including a few valuable tips and tricks for using a video camera.

Step 2 - Separate Internal And External Tasks

Ron explains how to use the SMED Analysis sheet to identify internal and external tasks.

Step 3 - Shift Internal to External Activities

Ron walks through the process of shifting internal activities to external activities, which in turn radically reduces machine downtime.

Steps 4 & 5 - Streamline External Tasks and Identify Parallel Tasks

Ron explains how to streamline external tasks and identify internal parallel tasks that can be done simultaneously.

Step 6 - Streamline Internal Tasks

Ron demonstrates how to streamline internal tasks by eliminating waste like adjustments and motion.

Steps 7 & 8 - Practice New and Improved Setup and Document New Standard

Ron reviews how to practice and properly document the new and improved changeover.

The Changeover After Improvements

Watch the new changeover over at Ram Technologies, a 66% improvement from the original process.

Mike Wroblewski Interview

In this supplemental module you'll hear from Mike Wroblewski. Mike learned the SMED System from Shigeo Shingo, the man responsible for developing the SMED approach. In this interview, Mike shares some of the powerful lessons Shigeo Shingo taught him and his team.

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