Practical Problem Solving
This course, normally included in the School of Lean, covers the core concepts of Practical Problem Solving using the PDCA methodology. The ability to identify and counter root causes is an extremely important skill set for any Lean or Six Sigma practitioner which is why this course must be viewed as we begin this journey.
PPS Overview

An overview of the 8 steps to Practical Problem Solving.

Treetop, Inc.
Step 1: Clarify the Problem
Introduction to SigmaXL
Creating Pareto Charts with Sigma XL
Creating Run Charts with SigmaXL

Learn how to quickly create Run Charts using SigmaXL.

Creating Control Charts with SigmaXL

Learn how to quickly create Control Charts using SigmaXL.

Step 2: Break Down the Problem

Learn how to break vague problems down using tools like Pareto charts and Tree Diagrams.

Creating Dot Plots with SigmaXL

Learn how to quickly create Dot Plots using SigmaXL.

Step 3: Set a Target
Step 4: Analyze Root Causes

An introduction to how to go about analyzing root causes.

Fishbone Diagram Explained

Learn exactly what the fishbone diagram is as well as how to create one.


Five Why Explained

Learn what 5 Why Analysis is as well as how to leverage it to identify root causes.

Treetop Gets to the Root Causes

Watch how Treetop Incorporated gets to the root causes of the problems plaguing them.

Creating Scatter Plots with Sigma XL
Step 5: Develop Countermeasures

Learn how to develop countermeasures as well as how to conduct brainstorming sessions the correct way.

Step 6: See Countermeasures Through

In this module you will learn how to implement countermeasures, even in the face of resistance.

Step 7: Evaluate the Process and Results

Learn how to determine if your countermeasures were successful after they have been implemented.

Step 8: Standardize Success and Learn from Failures

Learn what Yokoten and Hansei are and why they are a critical aspect of the Practical Problem Solving methodology

Action Guide

To wrap up this course, here's an Action Guide to provide you with some immediate ideas for how to put what you've just learned into practice.

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