Creative Tension

Going through cycles of building and resolving creative tension is a key part of building what Peter Senge calls personal mastery in his book “The Fifth Discipline.” Understand how people learn by setting and striving toward goals, and how individuals, leaders, and organizations can make use of this practice.

What Is Creative Tension?

Creative tension is a force that pulls people toward challenges and goals. Learn how leaders build creative tension to help people strive toward these goals.

Creative Tension Rubber Band Exercise

The feeling of creative tension can be compared to the pull of a rubber band between two hands. Learn through a quick demonstration how to build and resolve creative tension.

Getting Started with Creative Tension

Achieving personal mastery by using creative tension is a lifelong pursuit. However, it's easy to get started. Learn the three steps for building creative tension, which step is often the most difficult for people, and how to overcome these challenges when getting started.

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