Hoshin Planning - How to Use the X-Matrix

Many organizations spend time and money on developing a winning business strategy. However, without making similar investments in an effective way to put a strategy into action, these objectives remain unrealized. The X-Matrix provides a format and set of practices to deploy strategies. This begins by breaking down long-term goals into annual objectives, identifying improvement priorities, and creating ownership for action at all levels of the organization.

What Is an X-Matrix?

The X-Matrix is a document that helps to create ownership, alignment, and detailed plans for achieving strategic objectives. Learn how this template guides the critical thinking process as an organization asking what we must achieve this year to be on track to our long-term goals.

Getting Started with the X-Matrix

While the X-Matrix is a simple template that is easy to learn, there are several key points to remember when getting started. Learn the questions to ask before using the X-Matrix, what preparations are needed, and the importance of having a strategic plan as a starting point.

How to Create an X-Matrix

Deploying a strategy using the X-Matrix is more than copying details of the strategic plan into a template. Successful level-by-level deployment requires making connections between the actions, targets, and the resources needed to meet our objectives. Learn what information goes in each section of an X-Matrix and the steps for creating the top level matrix.

How to Deploy Strategy Using the X-Matrix

The heart of strategy deployment with the X-Matrix is the process of creating ambitious but achievable plans. This requires a collaborative approach to building the plan, level by level. Learn how to begin with the top level X-Matrix and progress to level 2 and beyond, following the template and a series of repeatable steps.

Monthly Reviews Using the X-Matrix

Having a process for frequent progress reviews is essential to expose problems, spur corrective action, and accelerate organizational learning during strategy deployment. Learn the main focus of these review meetings and how documents such as the bowling chart and corrective action form support monthly progress reviews.

How to Use Bowling Charts for Strategy Reviews

The bowling chart is a tool that supports strategy deployment by making the monthly progress or delay visible for each strategic improvement priority. Learn the information required in each section of the bowling chart, as well as how to create and use them during monthly strategy reviews.

How to Use the A3 and the X-Matrix for Hoshin Planning

Both the X-Matrix and the A3 form are popular formats used for hoshin planning and strategy deployment. Learn the strengths and limitations of each and how to make effective use of one or both tools.

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