Improvement Kata Essentials

The Improvement Kata is a pattern of activities that helps us move from a current condition to a target condition in a deliberate way. The improvement Kata is designed to help people strive toward challenges or solve complex problems with solutions that are not obvious. Learn the four steps of this pattern and how learners work with a coach to develop scientific thinking skills while solving problems.

What is the Improvement Kata?
How to Use a Kata Storyboard
What is a Challenge In Improvement Kata
How to Understand the Direction Or Challenge
How to Select the Focus Process for Improvement Kata
How to Grasp the Current Condition
What is the Process Analysis Kata
How to Create a Current Condition Block Diagram
How to Use Run Charts to Study the Current Condition
How to Use the Process Analysis Worksheet
The process analysis worksheet is a document the learner uses during the second step of the Improvement Kata in order to grasp the current condition. It also helps the learner define their next target condition. Learn how to use this worksheet to summarize, display, and review the findings from the process analysis kata.
What is a Target Condition
How to Establish the Next Target Condition
How to Identify Obstacles for Improvement Kata
How to Use the Obstacles Parking Lot
What is an Experiment in Improvement Kata
How to Experiment Against Obstacles
One Factor Tests Versus Multi-Factor Tests
What is a PDCA Cycles Record
How to Use the PDCA Cycles Record
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