Business Process Mapping

We explore what visualization is, and why it's such an important aspect of lean management. Also, we will discover how to go about bringing the concept of visuality to the workplace. Finally, we'll visit some real world companies to see how they're successfully leveraging these principles in their offices, and shop floors.

Getting Started With Business Process Mapping
What Is A SIPOC Diagram
How to Create a SIPOC Diagram
How to Create a Turtle Diagram
What Is A Business Model Canvas?
How to Create a Business Model Canvas
What Is an Empathy Map?
How to Create Empathy Maps
What Is a Flowchart?
How to Create a Flowchart
How to Make Process Maps with Sticky Notes
How to Create Process Charts
What Is Swim Lane Mapping?
How to Create a Swim Lane Map
Swim Lane Mapping is an approach to studying complex, cross-functional workflows. Learn the steps for creating a Swim Lane Map, as well as some important points for preparation.
What Is a Makigami Analysis?
Making information workflows visible to everyone is often the first step in continuous improvement in administrative and knowledge work. The Makigami analysis uses a structured and methodical approach to capturing the details, problems, and opportunities across business processes.
How to Do a Makigami Analysis
What Is Transactional Value Stream Mapping?
Current State Value Stream Mapping of Treetop Purchasing
Future State Value Stream Mapping of Treetop Purchasing
Creating a Current State Transactional Value Stream Map
Creating a Future State Transactional Value Stream Map
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