Time Management in the "Cloud"

For many years, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and other "server-based" productivity applications have been the industry leaders. But in the last few years, popular programs and services created by Google and based in "the cloud" have been emulating the capabilities of these productivity applications, now to the point where a professional could seriously consider "leaping to the cloud" to manage their projects, time, clients, customers, ideas, e-mail, and more. Existing users of Gmail/Google will find they can build a comprehensive system for time/work/e-mail management using tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Contacts, Google Drive & Docs, and Google Chrome, as well as affiliated apps for their smart phone & tablet devices, and those not using these tools can use this program as a way to see if Gmail/Google can give them what they need to manage this info in their work and/or life. And, if you are just using Gmail personally, you can see how these other applications might be able to help you better manage your personal information on your personal devices.

Time Management in the "Cloud" Using Gmail, Google Suite - Managing Time, Projects, People, Ideas and Email
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