Introduction to Agile Kanban

Kanban has become one of the most widely adopted Agile ways of working since it originated as a visual management method for project management and software development. This course provides an overview of the four principles, six practices, seven cadences, and various metrics employed in Agile Kanban. Learners are guided step by step through the creation and adaptation of Kanban to suit their individual and/or organizational needs.

What Is Agile Kanban?
The Four Agile Kanban Principles
The Six Agile Kanban Practices
The Kanban system is built from a set of six practices which generate positive behaviors. Learn how the Kanban system improves and adapts to your needs by visualizing the workflow, setting WIP limits, managing flow, making process policies explicit, and implementing feedback loops.
What Is an Agile Kanban Board?
How to Design an Agile Kanban Board
What Are Classes of Service in Agile Kanban?
What Is a WIP Limit?
How to Set WIP Limits for Agile Kanban
What is Context Switching?
How to Design Agile Kanban Cards
What Is a Commitment Point in Agile Kanban?
How to Use Agile Kanban Boards
How to Prioritize Tasks on Agile Kanban Boards
Agile Kanban Metrics
The Seven Kanban Cadences
What Is Portfolio Kanban?
Getting Started with Agile Kanban
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