Gemba Walk Workshop

The best way to truly understand processes and identify potential areas of improvement is to observe the action up close. In this course, we join author, speaker, and consultant Michael Bremer for an onsite gemba walk workshop at Freetech Plastics in Fremont, California. Watch and listen as Michael explains the ideal questions, behaviors, and overall strategies that go into a respectful, effective gemba walk.

Introduction to Michael Bremer
What Is the Primary Responsibility of a Leader?
Why Do a Gemba Walk?
Key Steps for Gemba Walks

Author and consultant Michael Bremer stresses the importance of having a clear defined purpose before embarking on a gemba walk.

The Purposes of a Gemba Walk
Different Gemba Walk, Different Purpose
Preparing for a Gemba Walk
Preparing for the Gemba Walk at Freetech Plastics
The Keys to Doing Successful Gemba Walks

As far as a gemba walk goes, are some questions better than others? Author and consultant Michael Bremer explains why this is the case.

Exercise - Asking Questions During a Gemba Walk
Freetech Gemba Walk #1 - Visual Performance Board (On-Time Delivery)
Freetech Gemba Walk #2 - Vacuum Form
Reflection on Freetech Gemba Walk #2
Freetech Gemba Walk #3 - Shipping
Reflections on Freetech Gemba Walk #3
Freetech Gemba Walk #4 - CNC Machine
Debriefing After a Gemba Walk
Reflecting on the Gemba Walk Process
Reflecting on Gemba Walks in the Office
The Differences Between Value Stream Walks and Improvement Walks
Asking Effective Questions During Gemba Walks
Engaging People Through Gemba Walks
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