Daily Accountability Process Workshop

Go further into the topic of lean daily accountability with these supplementary videos. See these processes in action, and hear from lean leaders on how their own implementations have been handled.

Introduction To Burgess Health Center
What Is A Huddle?
Why And How Burgess Committed To Huddles
Lessons Learned From Rolling Out Huddles
Demonstrating The Huddle Process
Coaching For Leaders To Attend Huddles
Audience Q&A - What Is An Optimum Number Of People For A Huddle?
Audience Q&A - How Long Does A Huddle Last? Do They Huddle At The Beginning Of The Shift?
Audience Q&A - How Do You Make Sure The Discussions Stay On Topic?
Audience Q&A - How Do You Handle Ideas From The Huddle That Don't Make Sense Or That You Won't Implement?
Audience Q&A - Do You Report Out On Ideas During The Next Huddle?
How The Daily Action Board Builds Accountability
How To Use The Daily Action Board
Daily Stand Up Meeting
Collaboration On Action Items Through Visual Management
Recognition And Celebration On The Action Board
Key Points For Visual Management With The Action Board
Audience Q&A - How Long Is This Meeting And Do You Have Other Morning Meetings?
Audience Q&A - How Does This Meeting Differ From The Tier Meeting When The Supervisor Meets With Operators?
Audience Q&A - Is The Action Board Similar To Reviewing SQDC Metrics?
Audience Q&A - How Many Action Boards Do You Have?
Audience Q&A - How Do You Share Information Between Plants For Similar Issues?
Audience Q&A - Have You Ever Implemented Electronic Action Boards That Display Data From A Portal?
Audience Q&A - Is There A Close-of-business Meeting And If So Would You Reevaluate What Should Happen The Next Day?
Audience Q&A - Who Facilitates The Problem Solving?
Audience Q&A - How Do You Reward And Recognize People For Good Actions And Improvements?
Audience Q&A - Who Should Attend The Daily Stand Up Meeting?
How Do You Manage The Action Items On Post-its?
How To Get Started With Action Boards?
Steve Kane - Accountability Through Visual Management: How To Get Started With Action Boards?
Daily Management And Strategic Alignment
Visual Management Of Work Through Huddle Boards
Standard Meeting Management Process
Personal Kanban Board At The Fire Department
Daily Accountability Through Team Training And Observations About Daily Accountability Processes At Kaas Tailored
The CMMS Business Operations Group Weekly Huddle
Bi-weekly Visit By Senior Executives To Huddle Boards
Area Improvement Center Huddle Board
The Morning Meeting At Specialty Silicone Fabricators
Morning Standup Meeting At Menlo Innovations
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