Coaching for Daily Management

As a coach, a leader observes the performance or behavior of a team member, engages in a dialogue designed to reflect on the results, agrees on next steps, experiments, and follows up. Coaching is an essential enabler of daily management that builds into both people development and performance improvement into a leader’s daily routine. The role of a leader as coach is to encourage thinking about how to work smarter, raise team performance through problem solving, enable individual growth to take on more responsibility, develop supporting relationships and improve morale and job satisfaction. Learn best practices and simple routines to build coaching into daily leadership routines.

Coaching Daily Management
Tips for Coaching Through Leader Standard Work
Example Role Play of Leader Standard Work Coaching
The Coaching Kata: A Routine for Learning to Coach the Improvement Kata
Introducing the Coaching Cycle
Storyboards and the Coaching Cycle Part 1
Practicing the Coaching Cycle Part 2
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