Process Confirmation

Process Confirmation is a systematic way to check that standards and control points for critical processes are being followed. It is a simple, visual, and time-based activity. Process Confirmation involves going to where the work is actually being done and confirming that it’s being done according to the agreed standard. It’s not a detailed document audit, but a brief, structured and informal audit of our operational standards that often lead to productive discussions about sustaining or furthering improvements.

Process Confirmation Overview

Process Confirmation is a method used to audit critical process standards as part of a daily management routine. Learn how a simple visual system uses cards to guide the observation, questioning, and problem identification.

Getting Started with Process Confirmation

Implementing a Process Confirmation routine as part of a daily management system requires careful planning. Learn how to select critical process standards, create and use visual audit cards, set and adjust audit frequencies, and apply practical tips for early success.

Process Confirmation with a Kamishibai System

Mike Wroblewski explains one of the simplest yet most powerful auditing systems available today: the Kamishibai System.

Process Confirmation At Molding Operation

Daniel Morales, a Process Development Technician, explains how they use a form of Kamishibai cards to ensure the molding operation is setup correctly each day.

Process Confirmation And Auditing Standards With The Kamishibai Board At NFI

After learning how a Kamishbai Board was used in a manufacturing facility on a Gemba Academy video, Operations Manager Annette Martinez brought that same concept into NFI to help audit several departments.

The 5s Process Audit Checklist At City Of Grand Rapids
Alen explains how they use another visual management tool within the Water Stockroom, the Audit Checklist.
Process Confirmation Using The T-board System At Techno Aerospace

Filipe and Ron look over Techno's take on the kamishibai audit system.

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