Toyota Kata- Practice Makes Progress

Do you know where and how to start making improvements to your organization? Our Kata course will show you where and how to begin solving problems you may be facing.

Toyota Kata Overview
The Marshmallow Challenge Icebreaker
Lean and Organizational Culture
Leaders are Teachers
What Learning Looks Like
What Does a Continuous Improvement Culture Look Like?
The Improvement Kata: A Model for Scientific Thinking
How People Learn & Develop New Skills
The Backwards Bike: Learning to Unlearn
The Coaching Kata: A Routine for Learning to Coach the Improvement Kata
The "Five Questions" Card
The Toyota Kata Hypothesis
Practicing the Improvement Kata with Dominoes
Dominos, LLC- Rounds 1 & 2
Dominos, LLC Round 3
Step 1: Understand the Direction and Challenge
Step 2: Grasp the Current Condition
The 5 Steps to Grasping the Current Condition
How to Create a Block Diagram
How to Create a Run Chart
How to Measure Process Times & Cycles
Additional Tips for Creating Run Charts
How to Determine Equipment Capacity & Number of People Required
Step 3: Establish the Next Target Condition
Creating Your First Dominos Target Condition
Identifying Obstacles
Step 4: Experiment Against Obstacles
How to Use the Experiment Record
Introducing the Coaching Cycle
Storyboards and the Coaching Cycle Part 1
What Did We Learn?
Lean in 10 Words
Running Experiments
Reviewing the Kata Mechanism
Practicing the Coaching Cycle Part 2
Going to Gemba Part 1
Going to Gemba Part 2
Going to Gemba Part 3
Going to Gemba Part 4
Going to Gemba Part 5
Going to Gemba Part 6
Toyota Kata Resources
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